We provide experienced tech recruiters to build a remote tech team for you

  • We provide a dedicated tech recruiter or a team headed by a team leader.
  • For a fixed rate, we handle all recruitment processes.
  • You choose the scope of the recruiter’s responsibility. Whether you want to scale your tech team quickly or set up a new one, we adapt to your needs.

How you benefit from Humeo’s RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

How we work

We set goals and priorities

You tell us about your needs. We work with you to define the scope of recruitment, candidate personas, and the markets where we’ll scout for talent.

We find the right candidates

We source candidates through LinkedIn and beyond, post job ads on various job boards, and use a wide variety of tools. We drill down into each stage of recruitment to deliver the most effective solutions and services tailored to your needs.

We remove the hassle from recruitment

We conduct interviews and set up the subsequent recruitment stages. We maintain a constant connection with your team. We consistently provide and solicit feedback to continue supplying candidates in accordance with your requirements. If needed, we can organize new hire onboarding procedures.

We constantly analyze and improve processes

We share our recruitment and job market knowledge, suggest improvements, optimize funnels, and ensure the best possible candidate experience.

We successfully employed this approach to create a 20-programmer team for Sweden’s LeoVegas.


We also share our knowledge with you in free e-books packed with useful tips on how to open IT hubs and put together software development teams in Poland.

What our clients say about us

  • Michele Nivens - CCC, VP
    Humeo RPO services have been a huge value added as we established our first tech teams within Poland. Humeo has proven to have exceptional recruitment capabilities including market insights and strong/transparent communication and metrics. Once our goals for Poland were complete, we extended our engagement with the same great Recruiter sourcing for another EU region. I highly recommend their services.
    Michele Nivens
    Vice President, Human Resources at Copyright Clearance Center
  • Justyna Kacprzak Akamai
    Humeo has been trusted partner for Akamai for almost 5 years. The RPO support is a great addition to our internal team and such solution enables flexibility with our workforce planning. We have tested Humeo’s expertise when they supported us as a recruitment agency, and we are not disappointed with quality of service they provide in RPO model. For me, the biggest advantage is that they not only ensure delivery but also care about fitting into our culture and stay curious, learning how they can support us best.
    Justyna Kacprzak
    Manager Recruiting at Akamai Technologies
  • Dorota Kowalik Nordcloud
    We received professional and solid support from Humeo by RPO services. It was a perfect solution that brought flexibility, professionalism, and expertise during hyper-growth in the IT market. Our needs were taken into account and addressed adequately. I appreciate the clear and open communication, regular feedback, and fair collaboration. I can only recommend working with Humeo.
    Dorota Kowalik
    Head of Talent Acquisition, Nordcloud – an IBM Company
  • Magnus Gagnelid LeoVegas
    RPO from Humeo turned out to be the perfect solution for us. When we decided to open an IT hub in Poland, we knew that hiring developers would be the biggest challenge. RPO services allowed us to start quickly and to save a lot of time searching for recruiters. We work together very well, and on top of superb recruitment services, we also get the flexibility, expertise, and market insights that Humeo has acquired in its numerous projects.
    Magnus Gagnelid
    Site Coordinator at LeoVegas Group
  • Lucyna Grochowska Dynatrace
    I am pleased to recommend Humeo as a solid recruitment agency. The business relationship we have experienced is mutually satisfactory and based on trust, integrity, tailor-made solutions, and support for clients. Mateusz (Humeo’s CEO) upholds values that are important not only in business – namely honesty, integrity, and transparency. From the outset, the rules have been clear and beneficial for both sides, and there have been no misunderstandings or inaccuracies. Mateusz cares not only about his clients, but equally about his employees. After successful projects in the success-fee model, I am glad that Karolina continued to handle our recruitment processes, this time in the RPO model. She proved to be an excellent fit for our business and skillfully understood our needs. In addition, the RPO model itself gave us room to maneuver and the freedom for regular contact with hiring managers and Humeo’s tech recruiter, which proved most beneficial for our organization.
    Lucyna Grochowska
    People&Culture | Head of Talent Acquisition at Dynatrace Poland
  • Stonly - Krzysztof Dąbrowski
    Humeo has provided us with people who fit perfectly on our team, not only because of their skills, but also because of their culture fit, which was crucial for us. Humeo demonstrated a solid knowledge of the market, discussed our expectations in detail, and reacted adequately to the feedback from us, and we are very satisfied with the business relationship we have. I highly recommend Humeo to anyone who wants to set up a unique team.
    Krzysztof Dąbrowski
    Cofounder & Head of Design, Stonly
  • Freshmail - Karolina Latos
    What I like most about working with the Humeo team is definitely their flexible and personalized attitude. I appreciate very much the exchange of information between the recruiter and myself, as well as the communication with candidates and the quality of the information provided to them. As an organization, we rely not only on the competencies that our team members have, but also on their soft skills and adaptation to the organizational culture. Humeo provides us with candidates who meet all of these criteria. I have worked with many agencies, and none of them have been as responsive and committed to the quality of recruitment processes.
    Karolina Latos
    HR Manager, Freshmail
  • Natalia Lorek - HR Manager w firmie VirtusLab - klient Humeo
    We started working with Humeo in 2016. Of all the agencies we have worked with, Humeo stood out as the one which best understood our needs. We now consider Humeo to be our business partner. They are flexible and effective. In addition to this, they are professional and committed, have excellent communication skills and an outstanding knowledge of the IT industry. Humeo is a reliable, proven, and skilled recruitment partner.
    Natalia Lorek
    HR Manager, VirtusLab
  • Piotr Debosz z firmy Pragmatists - klient agencji rekrutacyjnej Humeo
    Humeo’s values are close to ours. Our business relationship is based on top-quality communication and professional teams. There are many notable things about the Humeo team, but most importantly they are passionate about what they do and are, therefore, extremely effective as recruiters.
    Piotr Dębosz
    Pragmatists, Business Development Manager

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