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  • We are flexible, proactive, and committed to delivering the best solutions.
  • We have experience implementing challenging IT recruitment projects for clients in various sectors.
  • We understand programmers and speak their language.
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Our team

Mateusz Macha

CEO & Founder

Anna Baberowska

Team Leader

Alicja Żuczek

Tech Recruiter

Mariia Horskykh

Tech Recruiter

Radosław Wydrych

Tech Recruiter

Yustyna Mishchanchuk

Tech Recruiter

Karolina Kuc

Tech Recruiter

Anna Buchowiecka

Tech Recruiter

Magdalena Kurleto

Tech Recruiter

Patrycja Petrykowska

Tech Recruiter

Magdalena Mazur

Tech Recruiter

Zofia Mucha

Tech Recruiter

Marta Hajduk

Tech Recruiter

Our approach and values

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October 17, 2022
How To Use Recruitment Process Outsourcing When Recruiting IT Team in Poland

How To Use RPO When Recruiting IT Team in Poland: 6 Stages & Checklist

Well, hello! Since you have come across this post, most likely you are considering Recruitment Process Outsourcing as a solution for your business and for recruiting […]
June 3, 2022
Setting up new it hub in Poland - interview with IT Recruiters

“Working with Swedes” – Humeo’s RPO Recruiters Lidia & Pati at LeoVegas

When Sweden’s LeoVegas became our client a few months ago, two of Humeo’s recruiters were given the task of creating a new IT hub in Poland […]

Our recruiters work in the RPO model

What our partners say about us

  • I first met Mateusz many years ago. Since then, I have watched with pleasure how Humeo has developed. Over time, though, one thing has never changed: the enthusiasm Humeo’s recruiters have about sharing their knowledge. Both Mateusz and everyone on the Humeo team continue to share their knowledge in various ways: through their participation in industry events, the webinars they host, and their involvement in recruitment community initiatives. I think this is why Humeo’s team does such a great job understanding the needs of recruiters, as well as the challenges and problems they face in their daily work – Kasia Tang, founder of Recruitment Open Community Polska, Poland’s largest recruitment community.
    Kasia Tang
  • I have been following Humeo’s activity in the recruitment market for a long time. What is the first thing that springs to my mind? They are experts with a strong team spirit, a wealth of knowledge, and a partnership approach with clients and candidates. Don’t think for too long, just contact them! – Jacek Krajewski, author of one of the most popular newsletters in the Polish HR sector.
    Jacek Krajewski
  • Humeo is a recruitment agency employing passionate people who put a lot of positive energy into what they do. They approach their tasks creatively, demonstrating how the values they uphold are not empty words, but real actions. Because of this, both candidates and employers looking to attract top talent can see that Humeo provides the assistance they need. But Humeo’s recruiters still have the time to not only recruit candidates, but also share their knowledge in various ways. They spread their enthusiasm for recruitment through the webinars they host and the articles they write, infecting everyone around them with their positive energy – Łukasz Kołodziejczyk, founder of (a website that shares knowledge about the Polish HR sector, reports on various offline and online events, and publishes regular press releases on HR topics).
    Łukasz Kołodziejczyk
Mateusz Macha CEO Humeo

Mateusz Macha

CEO @ Humeo
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